Communities We Serve

headstart03Three rural counties are serviced by KIRPC Head Start in northwest Indiana. The counties of Newton, Jasper, and Pulaski are made up of agriculture and agri-businesses as well as a few small to medium sized manufacturing concerns. Attempts are constantly being made with the Industrial Foundations in these counties to attract new business to the area. The most successful enterprises have been large dairy operations in Newton and Jasper counties. With those establishments have come an influx of Hispanic families seeking a better way of life.

One hundred and forty-eight Head Start children are serviced throughout the three counties. Two of our sites have two classrooms while the other four sites are single classrooms. The eight Head Start classrooms are located in six different sites. There are three classrooms in Newton County. There are three classrooms in Jasper County, and there are two in Pulaski County.

There is a ninety-mile spread between the two farthest sites. Special considerations and planning must occur in order to monitor these locations on a regular basis. Communication is essential and technology is used to keep in touch rather than actually being in the locations. Monthly visits are made by all the managers. Each site has their own staff meetings weekly.  Monthly trainings bring the entire Head Start staff together at the Grantee Office or a designated site.

Annually Head Start is required to collect data from the 3 county area  to gather community information.  The most recent report is attached below.  

Community Assessment 2016 results


2015-16 Annual Report